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Natisoft was founded in 2005 from the founding partners’ many years of experience in complex information systems supporting facility and property management activities.

we are a reference point for Companies that manage services to real estate assets and urban fabric.

Thanks to our advanced software, we make the maintenance activities related to buildings, ships, roads, green areas, etc.
easier, faster and more efficient, ensuring a continuous and stored flow of the interventions carried out.

Results-oriented technology and artificial intelligence

We choose technological, consulting, and technical solutions that follow the latest studies in urban areas and buildings’ sustainability and livability

  • State-of-the-art laser scanners for surveys and censuses. We create interactive 3D maps for Building Information Modeling (BIM) operations, in which every component is searchable and editable. The BIM module is integrated into our software and fits perfectly with the new Mims decree’s requirements about the compulsory use of the tool in the realization of certain public works.

  • NFC tags, Beacons and QR-Codes for real-time tracking of operators, assets and routes. We make communication and management processes faster and more effective.  

  • Franco, our voice assistant, can generate quick and easy requests for intervention. We empower and customize a “virtual helper” to meet our customers’ needs.

Tecnologia e intelligenza artificiale orientate ai risultati

Scegliamo soluzioni tecnologiche, consulenziali e tecniche che seguono i più recenti studi in tema di sostenibilità e vivibilità del building e dell’area urbana

  • Laser scanner di ultima generazione per effettuare rilievi e censimenti. Creiamo mappe interattive in 3D per le attività di Building Information Modeling (BIM), nelle quali ogni componente è interrogabile e modificabile. Il modulo BIM è integrato nel nostro software e si adatta perfettamente a quanto stabilito dal nuovo decreto del Mims circa l’obbligatorietà dello strumento per la realizzazione di alcune opere pubbliche.
  • Tag NFC, Beacon e QR-Code per la tracciabilità in tempo reale di operatori, asset e percorsi. Rendiamo la comunicazione e i processi gestionali rapidi ed efficaci.   
  • Franco, il nostro assistente vocale, per generare richieste di intervento semplici e veloci. Potenziamo e personalizziamo un “aiutante virtuale” per rispondere alle esigenze dei nostri clienti.

Dubai Corporate

In 2018 we opened a new branch office in Dubai, with the goal of expanding software’s market of use to the huge real estate in the United Arab Emirates.

Our Team

Natisoft’s true value lies in its people.
We combine our experiences and skills to create a synergy that makes our projects unique.

The Technical area designs, coordinates and makes survey and census campaigns not only throughout Italy, but also for Natisoft office in Dubai.

The team achieves goals in a quick and orderly manner thanks to the proprietary XIRI software, which is fully compatible with and makes it possible to minimize errors and back-office’s operations. It is thanks to this software that, in just three months, the technical area has survey up to more than 5,000,000 sm.

The Start-Up area takes care of the information system’s analysis, design, configuration and start-up phases, as well as the customizations that the customer deems necessary to make its product unique and highly performing.

The team oversees all operational activities of every part of, including back office and helpdesk services, constantly working alongside the client and establishing a true relationship of collaboration and trust with him, with the goal of finding the best solution to his needs.

The IT development area consists of a team that is constantly committed in customizing the proprietary software and creating new software solutions with the aim of further enhancing the product, developing App for smartphones and tablets built ad hoc for our customers’ needs.

In recent years, the team has also invested in research, analysis and design of new’s modules, integrating innovative technologies such as smart glasses and IOT devices.

The commercial area deals with the technical design and purchase’s request organization about software for the participation in public and private tenders, which it realises through the identification of innovative solutions and the application of new technologies.

The commercial area offers our customers:

Strategic analysis of technical specifications and contest’s disciplinary.
We produce technical documentation that allows us to better evaluate and organize the offer’s content according to the scores.
Technical know-how to analyse and choose the most advanced IT solutions.
We maximise our customers’ chances of winning the tender.
Studies, evaluations and proposals to find the right compromise between costs and benefits.
This allows us to create unique projects, customised to each need, increasing the chances of success.


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