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ManPro.Net is an advanced software for the automated management of the entire urban fabric: not only building services, but solutions that extend to the management of streets, public parks and all that concerns urban mobility.

ManPro.Net, supported by a web oriented architecture, is at the base of the control of management flows tout court, assigning to the contracting station a role of “single direction” of all processes, including control, both of assets and activities, regardless of the contractual instrument.



The ManPro.Net information system, through interconnection mechanisms between all the actors in the management contract, proposes a “circularity of information” capable of guaranteeing:

Coordinated management of service contracts, open tenders and work teams

Classification and structuring of the cognitive processes of asset consistency

Implementation of a “governance” aimed at coordinating the collection and knowledge of the needs both in economic and technical terms

Historicization of maintenance activities to follow the building in its life cycle and trigger new intervention sub-processes as a result of monitoring and field control

Sharing this basic knowledge about the customer’s network

Cleaning Services

One of the most used modules by Cleaning companies and real estate owners is the Cleaning services management module: Space analysis, automatic calculation of surfaces, traceability management through TAG and iBeacon and service activities and much more

Public Lighting

This module exploits the powerful GIS engine, to allow the positioning on cartographic basis of all the technological objects related to the management of Public Lighting services and the relative networks (Traffic Light Remains, Poles and Light Points, Power Booths)

Technical Anagraphy

ManPro.Net integrates a vectorial plan management module (DWG, SHAPE) that allows to manage, update and query Architectural and Technological assets at any detail level.


Inside the buildings managed by ManPro.net there are countless vertical service modules. The concierge module allows you to organize and manage concierge shifts and to provide operators with digital tools for access registration and control of building activities.

Real Estate Asset Management

ManPro.Net has all the features to manage real estate assets: Failure Maintenance, Scheduled Maintenance, Economic Summaries, Authorization Processes

Green Areas

The management of green areas module allows to collect and geo locate the green areas covered by the service and within these the positioning and the Phytosanitary certification of all the main elements(trees, bushes and stands)


The streets module, construction site and underground services uses the GIS engine integrated with ManPro.Net to manage the geo-location of construction sites, maintenance and operational teams on a cartographic basis