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Patients transport
made simple

Improve patient flow, reduce personnel costs
and increases the satisfaction of your structure.

The ManPro.net patient transport module is the platform designed to optimize patient transport in Italian hospitals

  • Up and running in 30 days

Our experts will guide you through the set-up process combining systems,
processes and people in a single interface.

  • Integrated systems

The patients transport module communicates in an integrated system with the hospitals software facility.

  • Data made safe

Thanks to our certified system of patient personal data storage.

  • 360° support system

Much more than a technological product: you will get a real logistics partner that will support your structure and your operators.

  • Mobile app

All the features at your smartphone fingertips.

  • User-friendly

User friendly app and system thanks to +10 years of experience in the
facility management.

Rely on more than 10 years’
experience in the facility

Natisoft srl was founded in 2005 by decades of experience developed by Natisoft developers team in the field of complex information systems to support facility management.

How to get started in 30 days?

All the steps of the process to be operational in 30 days.

The first step is the graphic and alphanumeric loading of the floor plans of the buildings and the association of the relative plans, departments, and services.

The sensors will be placed in the points of interest such as: elevator compartments and at the entrance of hospital wards.
These sensors allow you to monitor the intermediate steps of a patient transport or logistics activity.

Monitoring using Smartphones combined with NFC TAGs for the certification of arrival and departure of transport. In association with the ILS passive tracking system.

These TAGs will be linked to the pick-up points that will be considered strategic for transport tracking. The operator will be equipped with a smartphone, and he will approach his device upon arrival at the department or upon arrival at the point of destination of the transport.

This action will be equivalent to a digital counter-verification of taking in charge of the transport and its end.  In this way, the central government will be able to verify the progress in real time, on an interactive map, of the completion of the transport operation.

Each operator will be provide with a smartphone with the ManPro.net app available, with simplified interface.

The sample interface highlights the details the user will provide for the transport:
- Patient's starting point (building / floor / room).
- Patient (In this case all information about the patient will arrive through the AUSL information system through the use of web services).
- Arrival point.
- It will be possible to indicate the need for specific equipment or means of transport.
- If it is necessary to retrieve the patient's health documentation.
- If the transport is related to a corpse.
- The date and time of departure.
- If the transport provides for return trip.
- If the transport provides for more than one intermediate station.

1. Digitization of the patient's transport request (for each single ward).

2. Input the patient's name, next to the personal data and the ward of departure.

3. The operation centre receives and accepts the web request.

4. According to the operators' geolocation, the transport is assigned to the operator closest to the departure department.

5. The worker receives a notification on the app (all operators are equipped with smartphones) and takes charge of the transport.

6. He reaches the ward's entrance, he scans the NFC TAG  and starts the transport.

7. He picks up the patient and goes to the patient's destination ward.

8. The patient's transport is always tracked and the hospital facility knows in real time where the patient is, the route and the floor.

9. Each ward and each floor is tagged.

10. In the event that the operations center is closed, an automatic pilot is activated which manages the requests that are always forwarded by the departments to the supervision operators.

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