Advanced Information Systems

Software solutions for managing processes related to the maintenance of buildings, ships, streets, green areas and public lighting.

Survey and Census Activities

On-site Architectural and Plant Engineering activities, through our Mobile XiRi solution.

Tenders Design and Consultancy

Consultancy in the preparation of tender documents and projects in the public and private sectors, oriented towards technological systems and the organization of processes.




Natisoft was founded in 2005 from decades of experience gained by the founding members in the area of complex information systems supporting Facility Management.

It is this basic consolidation that has allowed Natisoft to become an important reference point for the computerized management of public and private real estate assets.


  • The solution Software ManPro.Net totally developed, allows to manage complex Buildings and Properties, Green Areas, Streets and Naval Fleets
  • Support activity duriing the activation of the System in all its phases: Design of the process, Start up and configuration, Support to all the users of the system
  • Technical registry activity through the use of the own platform "XiRI" that enables to detect large buildings with high accuracy and in a short time