The company

The core competence of the company revolves around the governance services, a sector in which emerges ManPro.Net, a web-based system of Property and Facility Management, addressed to those who manage services to real estate and urban fabric; equally strategic for Natisoft are the activities related to building services, which include not only real estate and plant census activities, but also typical real estate operations, such as Property and Project management.

Today Natisoft, thanks to a new and stronger corporate structure and the choice of a network of qualified partners, continues its commitment in favor of the building system, moving towards technological, consulting and technical solutions in line with the most recent studies on the subject of sustainability and liveability of the building and the urban area.

Since December 2018 Natisoft has opened a new branch office in Dubai in order to expand the use of ManPro.Net platform and related services, to the enormous real estate assets present in the United Arab Emirates. The commercial license will allow full operation for the distribution of ManPro.Net software, for Start Up activities, support for local companies operating in Facility Management and Property Management. The project also envisages the use of the Natisoft group’s experience in implementing major census campaigns for buildings and technological systems through the use of the XiRi proprietary platform.